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Mechanical Engineering emphasizes on design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems and also interdisciplinary areas like CAD/CAM, AUTOMATION, OPERATIONAL RESEARCH, MECHATRONICS, FEM, and MANAGERIAL ASPECTS OF INDUSTRY. The department lays high emphasis on providing students with concrete knowledge of the latest developments in the industry. To accomplish this, it conducts seminars, workshops and lectures by inviting relevant experts from the industry. It also invites respected members from reputed organizations to conduct Entrepreneurship Development Programmers.


Mechanical Engineering curriculum focuses on developing the mechanical engineering graduates on par with the technology growth. This course develops the knowledge and skills in the areas of general mechanical engineering including industrial engineering, production engineering, thermal and management sciences, functional areas of management, information systems, computer integrated manufacturing apart from the basic engineering knowledge and skills. This branch of engineering produces engineers who can serve in Manufacturing, Service and Research Organizations including defense. Engineers are essentially inventors by dreaming up ideas and turning them into a reality they push technology to limits. Therefore, there is a great deal of prestige to be gained by becoming an engineer.


This course sharpens the mind, triggers the logical thinking, besides developing an ability to provide satisfactory solutions to any kind of real time challenges faced by the society. The Special skills required for scientific and research applications are also groomed during their tenure of this course. The process of mechanical engineering and optimization, engineers strive to optimize cost, increase productivity, durability, safety and overall usefulness of objects. This process can be as simple as the design of chair for comfort or as complex as the optimization of a turbo charged engine for many criteria, such as fuel consumption and power output. It can be as small as the cutting of a nano sized gear or as assembly of super tanker used to carry oil around world.


There is an unlimited scope for the Mechanical engineers. Career opportunities include developing, rapid prototyping manufacturing, designing & Analysing the models. There is immense scope in the areas like research and development. Mechanical engineers can find work in administrative and managerial positions in Govt. Dept. or public and private sector industries. They could also opt for technical sales / marketing or work as independent consultant.

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