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“In Human affairs we reached a point where the problems we solve are no longer solvable without the aid of computers, so fear not computers but lack of them” Computers have become an indispensable part of our lives, where the problems we solve are no longer solvable without computers. Problems of any magnitude can be solved with utmost accuracy and the course offer vast opportunities for logical thinking and ignite the analytical process in a human mind. This is a versatile and very much resourceful field that provides immense services to almost every sphere of human activity.


Computer Science and Engineering course helps the students to systematically design, develop and maintain the software which transforms the human life. The knowledge and skills gained are applied in all possible areas and contributed towards a better way of life for Generation Next. Students are provided with extensive training in areas other than the curriculum so that they will be ready to face the challenges and the needs of the software industries.


This course sharpens the mind, triggers the logical thinking, besides developing an ability to provide satisfactory solutions to any kind of real time challenges faced by the society. The Special skills required for scientific and research applications are also groomed during their tenure of course.


There is an unlimited scope for a computer science engineers. Career opportunities include designing, developing and maintaining the software systems for a diverse range of applications such as Networking, user interfaces, banking, databases, forecasting, World Wide Web support, medical communications, satellite and embedded systems, artificial intelligence and neural networks. There is immense scope in the areas like scientific, research and development and also there are unlimited self employment opportunities in this exciting field.